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Assignment Profile

The Lantis Corporation, Salinas, CA

Two Video Scripts and Production
Tom Rivelli, Writer-Director-Cameraman

Model TLC 818 Container/Pallet Loader

Training of Airline Cargo Crews, 12 minutes


The Lantis Corporation was an established leader in the manufacturing of aircraft cargo and baggage loading equipment. When American Airlines requested that specific video tutorials be included in any future purchase of the model TLC 818 loader, Lantis management decided to produce the new videos ASAP for inclusion in a forthcoming proposal. Tom Rivelli accepted the challenge of delivering the completed project in a six week time frame.


Tom immediately began research by interviewing Bill Bohnett, the Lantis Corporation Training Specialist, who acted as his consultant on technical content during the project. To meet the rigid deadline, 12 hour workdays and thorough planning of the production schedule were required. All the basic video would be completed at one location in Salinas, instead of traveling to out of state airport locations as Tom did for past Lantis presentations. The two continuity scripts took about four weeks. The remaining components were completed in just two weeks under extreme deadline pressure. They consisted of the shooting script, 3 days on-location video taping, the edit decision list, recording of audio narration, and the final edit. Editing was done at Monterey Peninsula Cable TV.


The end result was worth the effort, according to Bill Bohnett. Not only do the videos generate profit on their own when included as a purchase option, but Bill also uses them with great acceptance at his training workshops for Lantis customers around the world.