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Kurz Instruments, Monterey, CA

Video Scripting and Production
Tom Rivelli, Writer-Director-Cameraman

Getting the Most Out of Your Portable Air Velocity Meter

Infomercial, 20 minutes


Kurz Instruments is a company on the cutting edge of mass flow instrumentation and control technology. Dr. Jerry Kurz, the founder, revolutionized air flow measurement by developing a series of durable, compact, and highly accurate thermal anemometer sensors which measure gas flow electronically. The video was produced as a collateral piece to present their series of portable meters in a way that would educate and inform technicians and engineers who were sales prospects.


The Kurz marketing department already had good quality print collateral on hand to serve as reference material, including a well-produced newsletter. The objective was to supplement that material by maximizing the advantage of video -- the capability to "bring" sales prospects to various locations where the meters were being used to their greatest potential in a number of different industries.


As the scripting progressed, the original vision began to clash with the reality of the expense and commitment involved in traveling to a large variety of locations. In addition, there was the touchy situation of having to ask customers to disrupt their operations, sometimes in very secure areas, in order to video tape. It was decided that a realistic balance would have to be achieved.


The finished video offers a comprehensive overview of the complete line of Kurz portable air velocity meters. It is high on technical content since it was written for technicians and engineers who are interested in the information presented. In 20 minutes a sales prospect has enough information to make an educated buying decision when dealing with a very complex array of models and features.